Trading Document Negotiation

Whether a new fund launch or an existing fund adding a Prime Broker, we get hedge fund managers industry best practice terms.

Uncleared Margin Rules - we can advise you and help you onboard for Phase 5.

Preparing for an Investor DDQ

We will help you put your best foot forward with investors.  We will walk you through your documentation and help you articulate the added value which your documentation affords to your investors.  For your existing agreements, we can conduct a review and benchmark them to industry best practice, providing you with clear data outlining their content.  Your business continuity is important.

Outsourced GC

Hedge Fund managers face many legal and regulatory issues.  We help with vendor agreements, admin agreement, NDAs, etc.  For the COO who is busy running the business, we serve as an outsourced General Counsel becoming the liaison with any outside law firms during a new fund launch or during the life of a fund.

Our Mission

HedgeLegal is dedicated to providing the Buy-Side with industry best practice trading document negotiation.

We have experience negotiating a wide array of trading agreements:  ISDA, Prime Brokerage, Term Commitment, Futures Clearing, OTC Clearing, FX PB, Repo, Equity Master Confirmation Agreements, Custody, etc.

Our clients span a wide range of product lines as well as investment strategies.  We represent corporates, startup managers as well as established managers with billions under management.

We have strong relationships with brokers across the street and leverage this to obtain efficiency and sound terms for our clients.


Next Steps...

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