Privacy Policy

Hedge Legal Inc. (“HedgeLegal”, “Company”, or the “Firm”) is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of all information it collects in the normal course of its business.  The Firm actively seeks to limit the collection of non-public personal information (the “Confidential Information”) to the specific purpose for which it was originally received, and only for reasonable, legitimate and bonafide business activities.  Hedge Legal Inc. undertakes to never disclose Confidential Information unless (i) it is required to by law, (ii) it has obtained the consent or authorization from the client, individual, or entity (collectively, the “Information Source”) or (iii) it is in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth herein.

Regarding Confidential Information, HedgeLegal takes reasonable steps and measures to:

(a)  store, transfer and transmit the Confidential Information in a secure manner.

(b) safeguard the Confidential Information from improper disclosure to third parties.

(c)  protect the Confidential Information against foreseeable threats, hazards and potential theft (both physically and in the virtual (cybersecurity) space).

(d) limit access to the Confidential Information exclusively to authorized personnel.

(e) limit the use of the Confidential Information to the specific purpose for which it was initially collected.

(f) ensure that the Confidential Information is never sold to any third party.

(g) obtain further consent or authorization from any Information Source prior to using the Confidential Information (“Consent and Authorization”) in contravention of sections (a)-(f) above (collectively, “Information Risks”).

Pursuant to this, the Firm has established an Information Security Team that is comprised of Poseidon Retsinas and Alexander Robinson.  The individuals are directly responsible for administering the Firm’s information policies and procedures.  In the event of any breach or contravention outlined in (a)-(g) above, or any other kind of improper disclosure of Confidential, please notify them promptly.

Although the foregoing principles and procedures apply specifically to Confidential Information, it is the duty of each of HedgeLegal’s employees to protect all information collected in the ordinary course of business.  Furthermore, the firm abides by the rules of professional conduct applicable to every attorney operating within the Province of Quebec.  It is also dedicated to monitoring the ever changing legal and regulatory environment regarding Privacy Legislation, including the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (Quebec, Chapter P-39.1), Canadian Federal PIPEDA laws as it applies to the Province of Ontario (as well as the Provincial Government’s recent consultation to bolster the Province’s laws), the New York Privacy Act, and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, as applicable.